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Ben Locke

Sleep Product Enthusiast


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In my position as founder of, I, Ben Locke, want to welcome you to my website. I am glad you found me and want to know about me.

Before I tell you more about, let’s start by talking about sleep.

An Introduction

Sleep is one of those topics that is spoken about a lot but is little understood. I am aware that sleep is indispensable to our physical and mental health. But what people like you and me may not know is how sleep works and which internal and external factors influence it and how. Knowing these can help one sleep better, which in turn can make a world of difference in our everyday lives.

The internal factors influencing sleep include food, drink, lack of a routine, physical discomfort, stress, lack of exercise, and illness. The external factors influencing sleep include light, screen-time, temperature, sound, and bedding.

Among these, one of the least understood and addressed factor is the right bedding.

What Do I Do?

I talk both about sleep and sleep-related products.

  • I talk elements of bedding – mattresses, mattress protectors, pads and toppers, sheets, covers, blankets, comforters, quilts, pillows
  • I talk types of elements – sleeping pillow, throw pillow, continental pillow, bolster pillow, boudoir pillow
  • I talk fabrics – cotton, silk, wool, satin, bamboo, blends
  • I talk materials – foam, latex, polyester
  • I talk fillers – down and down alternatives
  • I talk construction – stitching, weave, thread count, weight, size
  • I talk maintenance – care, washing, spot cleaning
  • I talk sleep products – gadgets, masks, supplements
  • I bust common myths – about sleep, sleeping products, bedding
  • I talk pros and cons – what works, what doesn’t, when it works, when it doesn’t

How Can I Help?

I provide a one-stop platform to address all your sleep queries and needs.

  • I give you pointers – to help you understand things, say the difference between a blanket, a quilt, a comforter, and a duvet
  • I offer advice – to help you make informed choices that suit your needs and budget
  • I share reviews – to help you know user experiences
  • I discuss frequently asked questions – to address all your common concerns
  • I give recommendations – to help you decide what would work for you and your family

What Do I Offer?

  • An up-to-date blog – I maintain an up-to-date blog where I talk about everything concerning sleep and sleep-related products. As new research pours in, I keep you abreast with the latest in the world of sleep, sleep products, and bedding.
  • Buying guides – I have done extensive research into and collated all the information concerning the various buying needs of consumers. These include comprehensive primers for buying mattresses, mattress toppers, blankets, and every other sleep-related product on the market.
  • Product reviews – I know that nothing beats practical consumer experience when it comes to understanding the suitability and quality of products. And so I share product reviews across brands to help you get an in-shop experience without having to actually visit a store and try everything out.
  • A Sleep 101 section – I talk everything sleep-related here – cycles, hygiene, disorders, and recommendations. I provide snippets about sleep where you will learn such valuable things as why shorter naps work better and when would be the ideal time to nap.
  • Baby Sleep – I understand that baby sleep is one of the most-researched topics online. So, this is where I provide all the expert opinions on topics such as baby sleep products, sleeping through the night, sleep cycles, ideal sleep timings, and ideal duration at different ages.

Why Should You Choose HolySleep?

Here’s what sets me apart from our competition:

  • I value integrity – I provide unbiased product reviews based on real and authentic user experiences. While our advertising partners include both manufacturing companies and online retailers and our posts contain affiliate links, our reviews and recommendations are unbiased and unpaid.

(Learn more in our advertising disclosure statement.)

  • I take a holistic approach – When I talk about sleep, I don’t just talk bedding, I also talk sleep cycles, sleep hygiene, sleep hypnosis, sleep meditation, sleep products, and the like. When I talk bedding, I don’t just talk elements, I also talk of types, life, care, replacement, tips, pros and cons.
  • I value knowledge – I understand that when it comes to consumers, knowledge is critical. And so, I leave no stone unturned when it comes to research and analysis on all things sleep.
  • I am research-oriented – I also understand that the internet is flooded with information and culling the right information is half the job done. And so, my priority is to provide information that is not only comprehensive but also accurate, practical, factual, and trusted.

(Learn more about our research process here.)

  • I am responsive to feedback – I want to give you exactly what you’re looking for and so, every day I make it a point to hear and learn from people like you. With us, your words and experiences count.

With, my aim is to help you make an informed decision without overwhelming you with information.

Ben Locke

Founder –

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